Ellen Hol

It’s not what happens to you that determines the quality of your life; it’s what you do with it and the person you become as a result. The only failure in life is to not grow from our experiences.


Is Your Mind Your Biggest Friend Or Your Biggest Enemy?

We either use the power of our minds in supportive or in unsupportive ways. Untrained, our mind has a tendency to make our lives a struggle but once we learn to harness the power of our minds, we can create anything in life we truly desire and create success in any area of our lives.

While living in this world there is one thing you can count on: things are going to happen that you won’t like. The good news is that none of them can take away your peace of mind unless you allow them to. Facing adversity is inevitable and must happen if you are to learn from it, become stronger and wiser and most of all reach your full potential. In order to do that we have to redesign the way we think, feel and act – It is Key to Becoming The Best You Can Be.

There is no value in life except what you choose to place upon it, and no happiness in any place except what you bring to it yourself. – Lin Yutang

“Besides becoming free from emotional and physical pain, my therapies are a powerful means for personal growth and development, to help you bounce back from any setback and to find true meaning and purpose in your life.”

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Successful people are not people without problems; they’re simply people who have learned to solve their problems. – Robert Seashore

Do you want to live in self-pity, resentment and blame or are you ready to take responsibility for the quality of your life and turn your darkness into light and create a brighter world?

Once you understand you create your own reality, decide to create a vision of the life you desire and commit to create it into being, synchronicity will start to take place everywhere in your life. Life will then start to work with you rather than against you and will feel like a ‘pull’ rather than a ‘push’. You may feel truly alive for the first time in your life and experience the pain of your past as a previous lifetime.

You will come to realize that up until that significant moment when you decide to take charge of your life, you had not been following a leader; instead you had been following a follower. Now the time has come for you to become a leader yourself, the leader others want to follow.

When you are in the process of creating your vision, work becomes passion and joy is found in the smallest of things. You are at your very best and you are happiest when you are fully engaged in creating your goals and your vision. It gives your life meaning and makes it worthwhile.

What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. – Napoleon Hill

Being happy and fulfilled and living your life with passion and purpose is an art that can be learned by anyone who truly desires it. Healing Transformations Therapy and the Total Transformation Program help you to do that.

It’s important to understand success is not a means to an end, even though that is what society makes us believe it is. Anyone who is working towards the fulfillment of their vision is successful now. Success doesn’t lie in the achievement of your vision – although that is a wonderful milestone in your life – it lies in the journey towards your vision in each and every moment. As long as you work towards something worthwhile you want to create in your life, you are already successful. That is when you are at your best and open into your boundless potential.

Happiness and fulfillment come to us from serving others and there are thousands of ways to do that.

Have you found your passion yet?

If not, it usually means that you are not in touch with your True Self, your true nature, the divine part within you. This is often the result of unresolved baggage from our past, suppressed pain and frustration, resentment, anger and blame. Or, in other words, it means there is someone we haven’t forgiven. Once we have let go and learned from the debilitating pains from our past, we are now free to use and develop the innate power of our minds.

Learn the tools and techniques towards possessing a personal power that will help you take quantum leaps towards positive change and creating a compelling vision that is most important to you.

Learn highly effective ways to change the way you think, the way you feel, the habitual actions you take and the life you create as a result: your destiny. If you want to be truly happy and successful, you have to be able to overcome any kind of adversity. This starts with increasing your self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence.

We cannot thrive when the conscious and the subconscious mind are not aligned.

Learn a step-by-step proven process that helps you bring your conscious and subconscious into alignment, that once mastered will put you in the drivers’ seat of your life. This process can be undergone by anyone and the results will be beyond anything you could ever imagine; a proven and effective way to create change from the inside out and create a happy, healthy and meaningful life.

Going through life without a compass is like driving in fog without a yellow line to guide you.

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