Arjan Nijen Twilhaar – Principal Designer

“Ellen has had a wonderful impact on my life, not only facilitating the shift to reach fullest potential, but also inspiring me to follow my own path as a energy worker.”

Jennie, 34 – Coach

“Ellen, I wanted to share with you that the most important and beautiful thing that your work accomplished in my soul was experiencing the peace of God.

I spent many years repressing memories that led to emotional turmoil and physical pain and exhaustion. Engaging in inner work has brought great relief. Your personal joy and liberation speak more loudly than anything about the HOPE that awaits anyone who has suffered trauma. You live the healing you give away! Thank you for being a part of my healing journey! You are a huge blessing and a living testimony to the wholeness that is achievable for us all!”

Angela Durazo – Professional Model turned Triathlete

“I hired Ellen for her holistic healing services. I felt like Ellen put forth great effort in listening and understanding my life and my personality, which made it only natural to connect and confide in her. The level of comfort that I have in her is rare and will always be deeply valued.

Ellen made me feel extremely comfortable. She was very thorough and explored traumatic memories in a way where I felt relieved rather than re-traumatized. I felt like we made significant progress through coping with my mother’s cancer diagnosis, which was an event that I was unable to discuss with anyone for the past 13 years. Now when something happens, my first instinct is to contact Ellen because I feel that with her guidance, I will now be able to process and cope in a healthy manner.

After my session with Ellen, I felt a sense of closure and peace with the events that happened and I am able to reflect back on them with acceptance rather than the anxiety and the deep sadness that I once did.

Ellen is a gifted individual and healer who uses her intuition, guidance and knowledge to help others. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal and restore their sense of openness, health and balance. Ellen is a very caring person who makes you feel very welcome and taken cared of as well as being very professional.”

Stephanie Burton, 33 – student

“After a lifetime of looking for answers to my questions in every person I met, in every place I visited and attending every course promised to change my life, my body grew exhausted from deep longing and years of relentless searching. Finally, I succumbed to illness, which at the time seemed to me the finale of a long running show of disappointment and pain.

Looking back on the last 3 years I now see that my biggest struggle was also my biggest blessing, for in this time of desperation …. I finally stopped searching long enough to see that the resources I needed for healing had already come into my life, all I needed to do was reach out and take that first courageous step. I finally went to see Ellen, who several people had mentioned to me…. I had nothing to loose. My initial Healing Transformations therapy with Ellen was as cataclysmic as it was cleansing, setting in motion what had been stuck for so long…. finally releasing so many memories of trapped emotion. I felt that I was finally on the road to getting better both emotionally and physically…both so very evident in my life today.

The even greater gift that Ellen gave to me that day guiding me through my healing session was, that with her grace and dedication, she held up a beautiful bright shining mirror to my soul….. and as I looked into my own inner core…… I finally realized the most extraordinary blessing….. that all the answers to all my questions were right here……… inside of ME.

Thank You Ellen for being the bright lighthouse, guiding me through the stormy seas of my life…….. Thanks to your work I am no longer tossed from one wave to another, swimming in a rough ocean – but confidently navigating my vessel through uncharted waters, dancing in the breeze…..looking forward to the adventure that life is.”

Sandra Sunderlage, 51 – Designer and cancer survivor

“I was recommended by my Naturopath to address emotional issues that may have caused my reoccurrence of breast cancer. Feeling the need to clear these emotional blocks as soon as possible, it was wonderful to experience the release that Ellen guided me through in such short but intensive sessions. After each of the two Healing Transformation sessions with her, I went through intensive healing on both a physical and emotional level that I will admit, was somewhat difficult. But the results are so worth it! I now have an inner core of peace in which to rest during the turmoil of modern day life. And I am now bravely moving my life to a new level physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you Ellen, for helping me achieve this!”

Paul Teng, 25 – Bank Manager

“I was in mid-recovery from a depressed and emotional state that had last just over a month. Aside from the depression, I was aware of a large amount of anger. As much as I wanted to leave this anger behind, I found that I could not shake it off, and also had no capacity to suppress it any further. Here is where Ellen helped me and taught me how to do so, just by sitting and feeling it through into nothingness, and eventually finding my core. The newfound ability to do this has already saved many sparks from building into potential bonfires in the last month of my life, and has allowed me to exist in a wonderful stream of peace, and most importantly, have a way of maintaining it.

Ellen is a wonderful healer, for upon first meeting she already radiates warmth and love, and her intention to give help and care is clear. She listened to my long drawn story without judgement and with such compassion that the opportunity to share my trouble with her set the stage well for me to open up deeper, and it is in the deeper realms of ourselves that we each struggle and often need help with.

I have been on top of the world, and climbing. Life has thrown me a few tests – some potentials for chaos, but I have handled them easily and remain swathed in peace, peace that has proven to be quite contagious to those around me as well. I honestly cannot really remember how life was before… but it is really good now. It is with much gratitude that I write this. Thank you Ellen.”


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Sharon Teo, 28 – Aromatherapist

“The Healing Transformation is truly transformational! It gave me a sense of lightheartedness, stillness of mind and just Being. I’ve been feeling exceptionally happy; I started singing old happy songs and I’m learning to listen to what my heart tells me to.”

Anne Rochford – Business woman

“During my healing session, I realised I hadn’t been able to let go of the grief of the death of my son who died many years ago, at the age of 14. Thanks to my session with Ellen, I can now walk up and down the stairs without hanging on to the rails and lurching from side to side. Prior to the transformation, I was hobbling and in great pain. I now stride out. My relationships improved in all areas of my life and my sense of humour returned! I feel confident, happy and peaceful! I’m free again!”

Cheryl Sim – Public Relations Manager

“I had an incredible experience in my Healing Transformation with Ellen. It was a beautiful journey that allowed me to get in touch with my inner self and come to terms with my issues of abandonment and self-esteem. The changes that came after it were miraculous! I’m now able to feel peace and acceptance in times of crises; I am able to trust deeply in where life is taking me!”

Pieter – Sales Manager Pharmaceutical Industry

I suffered from severe tension and stiffness in my back muscles for more than 20 years. It caused a lot of discomfort and pain in my back and shoulders and negatively impacted my life in many ways. Four years ago, the pain also went into my fingers and over time I was less able to feel and move them.

For years I tried everything you can imagine to get rid of my complaints, but nothing helped. My symptoms only deteriorated.

Until I did a healing with Ellen. It was a very intense experience. A simple incident with my music teacher showed up in the process. I was 10 years old. It appeared that I was still angry with her. I had totally forgotten about this memory and was quite surprised that it showed up.

In answer to questions and suggestions from Ellen I acknowledged my anger and finally said the liberating words: “I forgive you”. Almost immediately, the tension and pain in my back disappeared. Now, 6 weeks later, the result is still there.

I am astonished and amazed by what 1 Healing Transformations session did for me. I sincerely recommend anybody to do a session with Ellen as the results are spectacular!

Ellen, my gratitude is as high as the highest mountain!

Vivienne Chua, 31 – Teacher

“Healing Transformations therapy cuts through all reasoning and goes direct to the source of emotions. I do not have to do repeat visits on a psychiatrist’s couch. This makes me feel as if I’m dependent on the psychiatrist for help, which is not good for my growth as a person. With Healing Transformations therapy I begin to unravel emotional blocks accumulated for years, over a period of time, but without having to do many repeat visits. I feel empowered, rather than dependent.

I was troubled by anxiety and fear, to the extent that I became insomniac. Now I’m able to stay calm and focussed even in difficult situations. No situation seems so overwhelming now as it did in the past, when I would literally hyperventilate or blow up when I perceived that things were going out of control. Sleep is easier to come by now. My husband says I have “toned” down my agitation and anger a lot since I went through the therapy.
The level of Being was felt as a warm, throbbing cocoon of love that filled me at the centre of my being, like drinking hot chocolate on a cold day. The joy and peace just bubbled within. In my second session, my core was a white, bright light filled with calm, peace and a wonderful sense of being at equilibrium. Both are always present, like quiet companions.

I’ve been able to let go of many things. Not fearing what people will think of me. Being able to be my own person, without having to apologise for it. I feel greater self-worth and the result of that is I have made peace with myself.”

Ineke van der Blom, 43 – Interior Designer

“Since the Healing Transformation, I experience a strong undercurrent of strength in myself, even if the circumstances are difficult. My self-confidence and self-esteem have increased tremendously. I don’t need the safety of thick walls around me anymore. I used to have a strong fear of being rejected; now I don’t need other’s approval anymore which gives me a great sense of freedom! The light that Ellen radiates also contributed to a very lucid, healing and positive experience.”

Nina Passi – Business Development Manager

“Since my Healing Transformations session, I have felt physically light and emotionally strong. My mood has been in a constant 10! My anxiety and agitation completely disappeared as well as my need to cry. Even my menstrual started again. Ellen allowed my pent up emotions and past hurts that I had been pushing away for so long to be released. I have been feeling so good that I even ran a marathon two days after the process!”

René Hofman, 39 – pilot

“During my childhood I experienced a difficult situation; now I felt ready to come to terms with it. It felt like an inner urge …
During the session I discovered a few blocks and soon after that my source … amazingly beautiful!

When we resolved my blocks all of a sudden it felt to me like an enormous ball came out of my stomach … an incredible relief!
After my session I became much more at peace. While I always used to be afraid of missing out on something, I’m very happy to say that’s in the past now, I’m not so rushed anymore and take my rest on a regular basis, which I very much enjoy. It truly was a wonderful experience.”

Evelyn Prinsen (MA), 30 – Coach

“My Healing Transformations healing session was a deep understanding in a profound truth I’ve always known to exist – the realization that I am whole and complete just as I am. And don’t have to accommodate myself any longer, apologize for my actions or need the approval from others to realize my dreams. Through the transformational healing session I got in touch with the unique wholeness that I am. From this oneness with life itself, my future now has a deep meaning and clear direction.”

Savana, 38 – Hostess

“The healing session with Ellen has greatly contributed to a highly improved view of myself. I had suffered from an inferiority complex most of my life; the session helped me to largely change that into feeling good about me, a feeling which I’m immensely grateful for!”

Jackie Veers

After my Transformational Healing Therapy my life changed tremendously. I feel like I’m living now instead of surviving, enjoy life more, feel lighter and more free. It’s like I shed my skin. I’ve come to terms with the past, it’s no longer important. The present is rocky but with the newfound trust in myself and in the universe I know I can handle anything. Feel restless because so many beautiful opportunities are awaiting me. In spite of the restlessness, which is mere curiousity, I am grateful for the deep inner peace I experience.

My rheumatism, which used to occupy my mind a lot, doesn’t seem to be of any importance anymore, have fully accepted it and is no longer troubling me….Grateful and full of trust I move on, ready for new lessons and opportunities.


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Mrs Tham, 44 – Lecturer at Polytechnic

The Kids Transformation sessions with Ellen have been magical for my 7-year-old daughter Charis. It’s like having a new daughter; it is really an amazing change!

Before her Transformations, she was hot tempered with strong mood swings and felt easily down and frustrated. This has radically changed.

Now, she is a bubbly girl all the times and hardly loses her cool. She now has a stable mood and is a very happy, loving and relaxed girl. She used to get very upset when her friends criticized her. Now, she talks about it, shares her feelings and easily accepts it without any grudge. She loves helping her friends and has become very self-confident and secure.

Her student care centre teacher noticed a profound change in her behaviour and her learning attitude. Her grades in school improved significantly. She was overwhelmed when she received her report card last year and learnt that she was placed at the first class (best class) in the cohort. She was awarded as a model pupil and little artist award. She not only has much more confidence and resilience, she’s enormously cooperative and gets along with her peers really well!

On top of that, after her sessions with Ellen, her chronic sinusitis and cough completely disappeared as well as her daily running nose.

She is preparing for grade II piano exam. She used to struggle and be very uncooperative with daily piano practice before she first saw Ellen. Right now, she just enjoys it. As for her golf lessons, she is preparing to obtain her PC by June this year.

Most importantly, Charis is a truly happy child with a steady and present mood. At home she’s very well willing to listen to mum’s and dad’s instructions.

I can see that she has gained many new resources and inner strengths and deals so much better with difficult situations. She speaks very positive about herself now and I can see her self-worth and self-confidence all coming out.

As for myself, after my sessions with Ellen, I’m a woman with much love, joy & peace now. We all live happily as a lovely family.

Siew Gek Ng, 26 – Advertising

“I was frustrated at my lack of progress and deeply horrified at the prospect of never actively being able to break out of where I was. All I was looking for was a job that I could truly apply myself to, to excel and flourish. Yet I simply could not identify what I was looking for. My stop-start search pointed sadly at everything I didn’t want, with no real insight into what it was that I díd want and would indeed suit me. Worst of all I had a sneaky suspicion I had issues to resolve before I could move forward in the manner I truly desired.

What happened as a result of the Healing Transformation session? I would describe it as a subtle but profound change, I found something I needed the most – an inner stillness, a feeling of peace deep within me – that feeling that everything is OK. The healing process allowed me to find a memory that had left a negative imprint on me, confront it and resolve it completely. I found an old childhood memory, one of seemingly so little significance. Yet looking back at that old memory brought back the feeling of pain and distress, and dealing with it left me at a place where I can experience that stillness that I have never before experienced. I can’t really get my rational mind around how this healing therapy works. But for me, the inner-knowing now triumphs over the inner-sceptic, and that is in itself a gift.

Amazingly enough the feeling never left me. It is not really an emotion, more like a feeling of deep connectedness. Sometimes it takes a conscious effort to try and reconnect with it, but then – there it is again. This stillness has allowed things to come towards me with greater ease. There is still some effort involved but I don’t get the feeling that I am toiling and struggling. It brings me joy that I see the connection between both things and thoughts much better. From the vantage point of my inner stillness I now know and believe there are endless possibilities . . . “

Jacqueline – Yoga teacher

“Words can never express my gratitude and awe for what Ellen has so lovingly given me. Because of my Healing Transformation with her, I will always be the sunrise and spinning and will forever thank her for that! Live, love and be happy!”

Laura Bond – CEO

“Ellen is a warm, beautiful and compassionate woman. The love she radiates is like a shining light around her.”

Henry Lim – Advertising writer

“For me, the Healing Transformation offered a profound sense of well being. To bask in the serenity of deep awareness was something that moved me tremendously. It’s an experience that will never leave my memory.

I meditate; or least, I try to. But never again have I found myself immersed in such wonderful bliss. Hard as I try, I could only re-enter into a fraction of what I’ve experienced.

To know that we are surrounded by this miraculous sense of expansiveness; all we need to tap into is that to make peace with our inner demons, to let go. It’s more than words can describe. It helps me to be gentle with myself. It’s definitely a move I strongly recommend for those seeking to weed out the cause of their misery. It will help anyone to face every day with a smile.”


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