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Ellen HolEllen is a dedicated Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Healer and Success Life-Coach. She is known as a passionate and radiant person who works from her heart. Her love and compassion for her clients are remarkably striking. Her warm and non-judgmental attitude make her clients feel comfortable and accepted.

Ellen is the creator of Healing Transformations therapy™ and the originator of the Total Transformation Program™ that focuses on Mastery in every area of life: emotional, mental and physical health, success and fulfillment. It offers an in-depth and complete approach for personal transformation and is tailor-made to every client she works with. She has 14 years’ experience in her field and gives private sessions through Skype and in her private practice.

With her Life-Transforming therapies, Ellen has helped thousands of people around the world to successfully heal and transform their life to continuing higher levels, becoming the best they can be.

Your biggest setbacks are the seeds of your greatest potential that, when nurtured, are ready to blossom. They are opportunities for growth and transformation into what you are capable of becoming. They are latent potentialities for miracles to happen that far exceed your initial setbacks. They allow for your True Self to be uncovered and are the gateway to let the light of your soul shine ever more brightly. – Ellen Hol

Formerly, Ellen worked as a bereavement counselor in Dover Park Hospice in Singapore where she counseled people with terminal cancer and their family members for 4 years. She also counseled people dealing with HIV and AIDS.

She inspires others by being a living example of radiant joy, happiness and health and a role model for living happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives with a clear mission and purpose.

Bringing healing and therapy are second nature to Ellen and she feels extremely grateful to be an inspiration and guide for her clients.

She is born Dutch, although she feels her roots are in Asia where she has lived since 1999.

Ellen travels the world in search of new and improved ways to help people heal and maximize their potential. She is firmly committed to continue pursuing international education conducted by the world’s leading teachers in the field of healing and maximizing potential. She constantly deepens her knowledge in psychology, healing, personal growth and quantum physics as well as continuous spiritual practice with various spiritual masters and is above all a great lover of truth.


Ellen’s Mission

Ellen’s mission is to transform your life by guiding you to let go of your past, redesign your Identity and help you uncover your passion and purpose to guide you become the person you always intended to be; initiating New Beginnings, Self-Realization and Spiritual Awakening.

She inspires others by being a living example of radiant joy, happiness and health and a role model for living happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives with a clear mission and purpose.

“Through personal experience as well as by having worked with thousands of people, I am convinced every setback is an opportunity for growth. When you look for the blessings in disguise, especially in the most challenging times of your life, sooner or later you will find them and come to realize your challenges are your greatest teachers bringing you the invaluable gifts and wisdom you need to become the person you were always meant to be.”

Who you are is God’s gift to you; who you become is your gift to God.

Ellen’s Purpose

“My purpose is to be an inspiration and guide for you to free yourself from emotional and physical blocks, gain deeper understanding of the cause and higher meaning of your challenges and significantly transform your life to higher levels; to help you investigate what you have been lacking to pay attention to and look at your emotional and physical challenges in a wholesome way, learn your lessons from it and turn around the wind in your face to become the wind at your back.”
“I feel grateful and privileged to be a guide and mentor for my clients on their own healing and spiritual path, accessing the truth of who they are.”

“Many people believe that diseases are created at the physical level and therefore only look at the symptoms. Long before a disease manifests itself physically, it has already manifested itself at the more energetic and non-physical levels of the mind and spirit. To get real healing, we need to find and resolve the cause of the disease at these non-material levels.”

“I strive to be an expert in my field by a continuous update of the latest science, tools and techniques to maximize our potential as well as through life-long self-improvement. I personally follow a daily spiritual practice to deepen my connection with the divine and to be a force for good. I am a great lover of truth and believe in endless possibilities. World peace starts with inner peace. I aim to Be The Change I Wish To See In The World and Be The Best I Can Be.”



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Ellen’s Passion

“Since I started my private practice in 2003, I’ve worked with people who, no matter how much work they’d done on themselves, weren’t able to clear their issues. With the Healing Transformations process, they were finally able to resolve them and let them go, coming to a place of peace and forgiveness.”

“I’ve worked with people with issues of physical, mental and sexual abuse, depressed and suicidal people, people who couldn’t overcome their grief of the loss of a loved one and chronic depression. People with hurt issues, worries, resentment, anxiety, guilt, shame, rage issues and so on. It doesn’t seem to matter what our emotional issue is, you are capable of getting in touch with your own wisdom inside. You are capable of clearing your own issues, and there’s a huge presence of love and peace waiting there inside that’s calling you home to yourself. In that love and peace is a profound sense of stillness, of wisdom and potential. And your own essence is calling you home to experience that wisdom inside, to experience and use that potential.”

“I’ve also worked with people who’ve been diagnosed with everything from back pain, neck pain, skin problems, migraines, chronic pain and chronic fatigue to thyroid disorders, kidney failure and cancer.”

“All of us are capable of going on a Healing Transformations process into our past, getting access to our suppressed pain and the stored repressed cell memories, clearing them and completely letting them go. And with all these instances, people have been successful in healing themselves.”

Unresolved painful experiences are personal time bombs that will destroy your happiness and well-being if you don’t resolve them. Once resolved, your life becomes a beacon of light. – Ellen Hol


Ellen’s Personal Story

Ever since she was young she has had a deep thirst for psychology, spirituality and understanding the body-mind-spirit relationship. She has a philosophical attitude to life and firmly believes there is much more to the universe than meets the eye.
She has seen the deepest drama of life herself, completely healed herself and turned her life around and has helped others do the same for the last 14 years.

“I felt completely trapped when I was facing severe trauma and adversity in my life until, after many years of trial and error, I came to discover a definite process through which I turned my biggest tragedy into my greatest triumph.”

“My personal experience is that the deeply traumatic episode I experienced from age 19 – 25 during which I was severely abused, was my greatest opportunity to grow. And even though I didn’t recognize it at that time and had moments when I was about to give up, I can now say it was the greatest catalyst for my own personal growth and transformation. Only many years later, when I was on my path of self-healing, I came to discover and recognize the immense gift that was hidden in the 6-year-long nightmare I experienced. I came to realize it was my greatest teacher and blessing in disguise; that I was extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to go beyond anything I ever thought possible. Yes, my gift came in the form of incredible torment and desperation and was a lot more dramatic than the usual amount of suffering people have to face in their lives. However, I now know that the greatest wake-up calls come in the form of deep pain, totally unexpected and disguised. The universe simply works with a different set of laws than the logic of our limited thinking mind. At the same time, we don’t need to undergo huge suffering in order to wake up and radically transform our lives to start living life to the fullest.”

Rearview mirrors are good for driving but not for creating a better future.

“I have to say, it never rains but it pours, that has certainly been the case in my life and at times it still does. But I personally prefer to call it “Divine Intervention”. It’s when the universe reaches out to you most to allow for radical positive change and the next level of growth to take place in your life. And the harder it pours – the greater the Divine Intervention – the greater the opportunity to create real change in your life. It’s just that we usually don’t recognize it for what it truly is as we focus on the pain rather than asking ourselves why this is happening in our life and what it has to teach and bring us whilst having full faith that everything has a meaning and a purpose; that nothing unexpected is a coincidence.”

“I consider myself to be very lucky to have had Massive Divine Intervention taking place in my life and be given the huge opportunity to become the person I am today, someone I would never have become without my personal challenges. Without having experienced my 6-year-long traumatic episode, I would never have found the light within myself that not only brightens my every single day but, much more importantly, helps me to illuminate the lives of many others and our world.”

Have Faith all things are possible.

“The way we perceive the world is a direct reflection of our own inner world. How we interpret and respond to our life’s experiences has a significant impact on the quality of our lives, our health and well-being. It is not about how many setbacks you have to deal with or how difficult they are; it is about how you bounce back from them and use them to your own and other’s advantage.”

Like fish unaware of water, because it totally surrounds them, people are often unaware of the limitless opportunities that are present everywhere.

“Our physical health is a mirror of our emotional health. It’s my firm belief that emotional blocks and dis-ease are caused by denying, suppressing or resisting strong painful emotions over a longer period of time. Unfortunately we have become masters in doing so and as it mainly happens at a subconscious level, most people are not even aware of doing so. Besides letting go of our past pain, we need to let go of our limiting beliefs at the other than conscious level and adopt a positive mindset and attitude in life.”

Ellen has more than 14 years’ experience in the field of counseling and healing. She counseled terminally ill cancer patients as a volunteer in Dover Park Hospice for 4 years. “The counseling sessions with the patients in the hospice and their family members touched me deeply in my heart. I felt grateful for being able to help our patients come to terms with their death and deal with their unfinished business. Yet another part of me felt frustrated that they all died, because I knew that if the patients would have had access to alternative therapies at an earlier stage in their lives, at least some of them would have survived.”

“Due to my firm belief that our emotional health is predominant of our physical health together with my deep desire to do more for the patients than I was then capable of, I decided to find the knowledge and means that can help people heal in other than conventional ways.”

While still working in the hospice, she started studying the underlying psychological causes of cancer and the successful survivors who had healed in some inexplicable way. She also studied the psychology of emotional, mental and physical health and well-being in a more general way and the complexity of the body-mind-spirit relationship. She started a private practice in January 2003 where she has been giving 1–on–1 therapies with extraordinary results.

By healing herself, Ellen created a proven method for healing and happiness with which she has successfully helped thousands of people in more than 15 countries to transform their setbacks into greatness . . . and so can you.

If you think life is a gift or a struggle; you’re always right – Ellen Hol

Our biography becomes our biology. Our biological selves don’t just form from nutrients and food. This forms from our lives experiences, from our emotions, from everything about ourselves and how we invest our energy into our past . . . Resentment and guilt dramatically damage the make-up of our body . . . Our emotional wounds have an incredible power over us; we pay an extremely high price to keep these wounds alive and this is the reason why some people don’t heal . . . When our body doesn’t heal, there is something we have not forgiven. – Caroline Myss, Ph.D

Follow the Ellen Hol experience, your Road Map to healing and living your life with true meaning and purpose. It will guide you to be free from your past, connect you to the peace and love within yourself and open you into your boundless potential.

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