Ellen Hol

“There is a definite process for creating a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life. Mastering it will give you the life you truly love and know deep in your heart you were meant to live.” 


My Services:

Healing Transformations Therapy
Total Transformation Program
Open Into Your Boundless Potential
My 5-Step Process to Freedom guides you become free of your emotional pain and live your life from a place of deep love and inner peace.
If you want your life to be a Masterpiece, you first have to Master the Pieces! The Total Transformation Program will help you do that.
The gift hidden within your current challenges is the opportunity to make a quantum leap forward in the actualization of your own potential.


Follow the Ellen Hol experience, your Road Map to Healing and Living your Life with True Meaning and Purpose.

Healing Transformations Therapy will guide you to be free from your past, connect you to the radiant happiness deep within yourself and open you into your boundless potential.

With this proven method, Ellen has successfully helped thousands of people in more than 15 countries to transform their challenges into greatness . . . and so can you.


The Benefits

  • Transform Your Life
  • Heal All Levels of Your Being
  • Free Yourself from Emotional and Physical pain
  • Uncover Deep Love and Peace within
  • Become The Best You Can Be

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About Ellen

Ellen HolEllen is a dedicated Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Healer and Success Life-Coach. She is known as a passionate and radiant person who works from her heart. Her love and compassion for her clients are remarkably striking. Her warm and non-judgmental attitude make her clients feel comfortable and accepted.

“The way we perceive the world is a direct reflection of our own inner world. How we interpret and respond to our life’s experiences has a significant impact on the quality of our lives, our health and well-being. It is not about how many setbacks you have to deal with or how difficult they are; it is about how you bounce back from them and use them to your own and other’s advantage.”